De Havilland Chipmunk T10
Belgian Air Force 1950
72 scale

In 1948 the Belgian Air Force acquired a couple of De Havilland Canada Chipmunk for evaluation purpose in anticipation of the replacement of the ageing Tiger Moth. The belgian built Stampe SV4 won the competition and no additional Chipmunk were bought. Our two examples remained in service until 1955 when they were offered as second hand on the civilian market.

The kit

This is the old Airfix model, the only one on the market to my knowledge. Probably not the best of breed, but as there is no alternative in my preferred scale, I decide to start this one. Our Chippies received different liveries during their operational life time, one of which is a bright orange, very suitable for training birds. I thought this kind of model would be of the best effect on my display shelves.
The cockpit needed some attention as by default it os desperately empty, barely a floor with a kind of seat, two plastic bits joining at a right angle.

I started the build scratching the interior trying to match as close as possible the look of a chipmunk cockpit. Then the whole plane was sanded smooth, fuselage and wings separately, and fully rescribed.
Various air scoop were perforated as well as the engine air intake was enlarged and sanded to a more correct shape.

The aircraft was then painted white in prevision of the coming orange layer.  The canopy remains in a flat black color as well as the anti glare panel in front of the cockpit.
After a coat of Klir, decals were applied, then a second coat of Klir prior to an oil wash to highlight the panel lines and the recribing work.

here the result, hope you like it.






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