Typhoon Mk I 
Royal Air Force 247th squadron 1944
72 scale

Another kit of the Airfix range which I bought as I knew it was an easy build and a bird I like. Some years ago I built the Academy which was already a nice model that builds easily and I wanted to compare with the Airfix offer. And indeed that's another 'shake'n bake' from Airfix. I completed it in a couple of months, which is damn fast for me, I'm a slow builder and have plenty of started kit on the workbench.
I finished it OOB, with the box decals that offers two options, a machine from 247th squadron based at Eindhoven in the Netherlands in december 1944, mount of Sqn Ldr  Basil Gerald  Stapleton, coded ZY-Y wearing the invasion stripes and another Typhoon from  439th squadron, same location Eindhoven the netherlands in February 1945 coded 5V-X.

I completed my model as ZY-Z with the 8 rockets underwing. At the end of the build an oil wash of brown and black was applied and here it is.
I must say I'm quite happy with the result.





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