De Havilland Chipmunk T10
  Force Aérienne Belge - 1948-55
Airfix 72 scale


The Belgian Air Force acquired two DHC Chipmunk in 1948 to assess the replacement of the ageing Tiger Moth. The local built Stampe SV4 won the competition and no further order for chipmunk was issued. The two chipmunk soldiered until 1955 when they where offered for sale on the civilian market.

At a certain time during their operational career with the BAF, one of the two chippie was repainted in an orange-red color overall as were the now operational SV4B.
I already have one chipmunk in my exhibition but I wanted to depic this particular one, serialed C2 in our registration. I started with the very old Airfix kit and wanted to improve it a little bit. I scratched built the cockpit, trying to be as close as posiible to a chippy cockpit.


Construction continues with the full sanding of the heavy rivet lines and full rescribing of the airframe and the wings.  Air scoops are perforated and a coat of orange -red is given.
Canopy frame and anti-glare panel are sprayed in matt black.
I then realized that te canopy mounts in the windshield and the aft part of the sliding hood were much to large and thick.
A quick surgery solved the problem, first grinding with a scalpel blade then smoothly sanding before applying a coat of Klir and respraying a narrow mount front and back.





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