North American P51-D Mustang 'Mary Mae'

Hasegawa 1/72  

 The boxart 

The Kit

This is a kit I had on my shelves for many years. Someone on a forum once displayed a very nice and bright Mustang in 72 scale, with a beautiful pin up nose art. I then checked my box to figure out that this Mustang had fine recessed panel lines, which was a huge improvement compared to the previous hasegawa mustangs I built before. I then decided to also build my pin up mustang and ordered a couple of decal sheets from Kits World.

The build was very straightforward, cockpit interior finished in yellow zinc chromate, shadowed with US interior green, followed by a brown wash for more contrast.


The invasion striped went on, the anti glare panel on the engine cowling, then the plane was then given a coat of AK black base followed by the AK interactive Xtreme metal aluminium.


image    image    image


After the paint job was completed, it was time to apply the decals. Film is very thin and they apply very gently with some drops of Micro set. The only point of attention was the nose edge, but ultimately the two pieces of checkerboard went on perfectly.

The spinner cowling was given a coat of white, then yellow and after masking the red was sprayed on.


As one can see here below, the paint job on the engine was almost ruined by finger prints. The AK paint does not easily accept handling and is very sensitive to any manipulation. I had to re spray this part very carefully.

The whole model then received a spray of Klir to protect the paint from next steps.

image      image



Les finitions

Le modèle est mis sur ses roues, les ailerons sont mis en place de même que les porte de train et les bidons, les derniers détails sont ajoutés.

  100_0732.jpg     100_0732.jpg    100_0732.jpg

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